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Pinnacle Environmental Technologies Inc. Master Stocking Distributor of FAST® Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technologies


BIONEST Advanced Wastewater Treatment System reproduces, maintains and optimizes the natural water purification that normally occurs in nature in the ground.  The biological treatment process is carried out in a small enclosed container, providing a controlled environment for the elimination of pollutants and bacteria harmful to your health and the environment.

Image    Tuf-Tite

Tuf-Tite® manufactures a full line of patented drainage and septic products which are the industry leaders in each application. From innovative Distribution Boxes, which have become the industry standard, to patented Effluent Filter which can prolong the life of septic fields significantly, each product is engineered and manufactured to perform better and longer than anything else on the market.

Image   Myers

Myers is dedicated to supplying top quality jet and submersible well pumps; utility, sump and sewage pumps; effluent pumps; non-clog and other large waste handling pumps; and high pressure reciprocating and centrifugal pumps and pumping systems for residential, agricultural, commercial, municipal and industrial applications for North America and more than 100 foreign countries.

Image   Polylok Inc.

Polylok, Inc. is an international supplier of plastic injection molded products for the precast concrete and onsite wastewater industries.

Image   Infiltrator Systems Inc.

Infiltrator Systems Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic leachfield drainage chambers for environmental onsite wastewater solutions. Their chambers, a direct replacement for stone and pipe leachfields, have revolutionized the septic industry. They provide cost-effective, efficient methods for handling residential and commercial wastewater.

Quesnel Septic services is a proud Member of:

BCOSSA represents over 900 wastewater practitioners and companies that
comprise the thriving western Canadian on-site sewage treatment community.

Our mission is to ensure the employment of best management practices and good stewardship of
on-site astute treatment systems, safeguard public health, enhance the environment, protect
fresh water resources and to provide a permanent sustainable infrastructure for land use planning

and development.


The new SPM Version 2 was released in September 2007and brings into effect new amendments. This affects all previously issued versions by the BC Ministry of Health, Population Health and Fellness, Health Protection Branch. The new SPM Version 2 is now available on our Documents Page where you can download it or order a printed copy